The Food Lab

Better Home Cooking Through Science

von Lopez-Alt, J. Kenji   (Autor)

Collects easy-to-prepare, illustrated recipes for practicing simple, fool-proof techniques, based on the science of cooking, for creating great food, including blanching, defatting stock, emulsions, and knife skills.

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J. Kenji López-Alt shows that cooks don't need a state-of-the-art kitchen to cook perfect meals. In a book centred on much-loved dishes, Kenji explores the science behind searing, baking, blanching and roasting. In hundreds of easy-to-make recipes with over 1,000 full-colour images illustrating step-by-step instructions, readers will find out how to make perfect roast turkey with crackling skin, how to make extra fluffy or creamy scrambled eggs and much more. Combining the unrelenting curiosity of a cheerful science geek with the expert knowledge of a practised chef, The Food Lab gives readers practical tools and new approaches to apply when they next step into the kitchen. 


J. Kenji López-Alt is a chef, parent, and New York Times best-selling author of The Food Lab and Every Night Is Pizza Night. He is a wildly popular New York Times food columnist; the chief culinary advisor for Serious Eats; and the host of Kenji's Cooking Show, which has more than a million subscribers on YouTube. He lives in Seattle, Washington. 

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Norton & Company

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Lopez-Alt, J. Kenji


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P_ABB: Over 1000 color photographs
KNOABBVERMERK: 2015. 960 p. Over 1000 color photographs. 267 mm
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